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What about the most

What about the most corrupted man who started the culture of co&32ption&Rr0;r#8u30;GPK. Being the first elected PM wasnt his resposibility to check corruption.Not only he did not try to check it but also he promoted it.How comes Sujata own a place like a king. In he is at PM seat for about 10 yearsand he is reponsible for failure of democracy. Main reason behind the failure is corruption.

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UTS:"I was in the US. Coast Guard 1980-1987. Discharged an YN1/E-6Served on the CGC Dallas out of Governors Island, NY. USCG Headquarters, Wash.DC, 9th District Station Cleveland, OH, Great lakes Grp Ofc, Sault Ste. Marie, MI."I remember you! I think I &q&so;oerveduqutt; all over your back!

Shiver me timbers, t

Shiver me timbers, them's some great inmrofation.

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Taking the

Taking the ovrievew, this post is first class

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