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So then, if you don&

So then, if you dont want to change Gods law, do you eat pork? Do you wear clothing made of two types of thread? Do you eat shellfish? Those are forbidden in Gods law. One can also make the argument, using the Bible (as it specifically states this), that women should be silent in church. Do you support that command? Or what about slavery? Or forbidding blacks from being ministers or pacitripating in church? Jesus himself stated that one must follow the laws better than a Pharisee, and that not a single iota of the Law should pass.

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Mua ei kyllä yhtään haittaa jos blogissa on myös vauvajuttuja, vaikka itsellä kyseinen elämänvaihe on vasta kaukana tulevaisuudessa :) Itse nimittäin juuri blogin heÃlokn¶kihtaisuudesta verrattuna vaikkapa Uuteen Mustaan.

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