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Thank you for taking

Thank you for taking the time to publish the tutorials on this site. I program primarily in VB6 and find myself referring to your articles on occasion. Its great having an online source of information that can be easily accessed. Thank you ag2&ni#8a30;!

1. Nu, nu vin. Asta

1. Nu, nu vin. Asta nu e o provocare. Vino cu un proiect concret, o tema, niste idei. Ce discutam? 2. Vrăjbel: lașă a fost măta, ca n-a facut avort cu tine cand trebuia. Acum respira si scrie in 20 de randuri eseul: Cum ma simt cand mă insultă unul debe2ga?a21;

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Shiver me timbers, them's some great innmfoatior.

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