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Sadly, igrocanne has

Sadly, igrocanne has a half life longer than the predicted age of the universe and then some, so trolls are always going to be a problem.I wonder if wrapping myself up in tin foil slathered with SPF100 will protect me from the fallout of these idiots?

celui qui n’a

celui qui n’a aucune humanité ni empathie ni pitié pour la majorité des hommes et des femmes il n&sq;uoren a pas non plus pour la minorité et vice versa

Congratulations are

Congratulations are in order, Jim. I have saved the link to put up against the other 100+ from all the other Beeboids. One vs. 50? Thats me convinced again. So Andrew Neil and James Landale balance out the rest of them? Is that your con;pntion?&nbse;  t5 likes

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BS low - t"

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