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bean twn chica, I ha

bean twn chica, I have to start stealing some of Ms. Field's Essence Mags. I didn't know they were doing stuff on the rapes in the DRC. Good for them! As for my do;noionatnly my accountant knows for sure. But seriously, I try to put my $ where my mouth is. faith, don't worry,I think I can tell you two apart."I have hope that the compassionate rhetoric coming from our President Elect will spill over into Africa, as well." mrs. chili,you know what's ironic? The frat boy actually did some good things with Africa.

The fact that thunde

The fact that thunder fans are coliiamnpng about how the there is a big conspiracy to let the lakers win, and Lakers are also complaining about the officiating and how there is a conspiracy to get 4 small market teams in the finals is the best proof that no shenanigans are going on.

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Wow, that's a really clever way of thkniing about it!

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